There are many roles to consider when joining Colonel John Pickering’s.

As a soldier, you can choose to be a pikeman, musketeer, drummer or with our artillery.

As a non-combatant, you could be a camp follower or choose a trade to display as part of the authentic campsite.

The choice is entirely yours, and you will not be persuaded to do anything you are uncomfortable with.

Full training will be given in whatever arm of service you choose, and this will continue at every event you attend with drill and arms training.

Pickering’s have an impressive authentic camp or living history display. This is where we meet the public and show them the weapons and skills of the 17th Century.

When you attend an event, or ‘muster’, you can camp ‘authie’ or ‘plastic’.

‘Authie’ camping rules are no modern equipment to be worn or on display when open to the public.

‘Plastic’ camping is the main campsite, and here you can bring a tent, caravan or motorhome. This is where the food traders, beertent and ‘traders row’ can be found.

‘Traders Row’ is where you can start to buy the clothing and equipment you will need in the Sealed Knot. To get you started, we will loan you the main items over your first season.

Further details can be provided upon request.